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Baylabs Tech Co.,Ltd

Baylabs foucs on horticultural lighting industry Baylabs team with over 10 years experience in horticultural lighting which focus on offer solutions for plants cultivation, commercial greenhouse, vertical farming and food cultivation


150+ staff including 20+ RD engineers

The company always insist original design. we have our own design team with innovative concepts to make our grow lights always unique in market. Technical innovation has always been the core part of our value. Now we have overall 150+ people in this Baylabs family, with 20+ R&D engineers of combining in plant science, hardware development, system integration, control software development, etc.




8000sqm factory and 4 production & assembly lines

With 8000sqm industry-leading factory and 4 production & assembly lines, our monthly output of LED grow lights is up to 8000-10000 units of all models combined.



OEM ODM 10 Years Experience

With a strong product research and development capability and 10 years experience in horticultural lighting industry, we understand that plant science is far more complicated than conventional home or commercial lighting. Therefore we also offer OEM and ODM service for customer who require specific products for their research or commercial growing applications. From product hardware structure to spectrum configuration, and control system, we offer the leading customization service in a manner of developing products with customer together.



Open team make it possible Baylabs is open team. We like to discuss with growers on everything about growth, also we'd like to share our thoughts on lights and we're sure we can help growers grow better yields. we understand what growers really need for lighting.


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Customer Ever Said

The light is exceptionally brilliant, and its intensity can be easily customized. It emits minimal heat, allowing the lights to be positioned in close proximity to plants compared to HID lights. This not only reduces electricity consumption but also minimizes the need for air conditioning and exhaust fans, resulting in lower energy costs. -- A. Smith

This light is fantastic. I've used it for two growing cycles, the first with two plants and the second with just one. I can clearly see the difference in the size and quality of the buds. I'm really impressed and highly recommend it. It's worth every penny. -- Jim